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Payment Timeouts in Payment Channels - #3 Timelocks

This the third post in our 3-part introductory series on payment channels!

How Do Payment Channels Make Up The Lightning Network? - #2 Hashlocks

This the second post in our 3-part introductory series on payment channels.

Spec Meeting - 14.Mar.2022

The call this week was mostly a technical discussion on how shutdown should work with cooperative close peer messages.

Spec Meeting - 02.Mar.2022

The Lightning Network has multiple implementations that are all theoretically working together to be compatible and define the network as a whole. But the past week there have been some public discussions around how relevant the Lightning Spec process actually is.

How Do Payment Channels Work? - #1 The Basics

This the first post in our 3-part introductory series on payment channels.

Spec Meeting - 14.Feb.2022

This week there were no merged pull requests. Much of the discussion was focused on long term open pull requests. We are exploring how to better communicate the updates to pull requests in the event that spec meetings are primarily, deeply technical and less eventful.

What is Bitcoin Dust & How Can We Fix It?

How is dust created?

Spec Meeting - 31.Jan.2022

Light meeting this week.

BOLT 11: How to Pay People on Lightning

Before doing a deep-dive on the more topical BOLT 12 and how future payments could help improve payments on lightning, we should first explain how payments currently work with BOLT 11.

Spec Meeting - 17.Jan.2022

There were two pull requests merged: Informing peers about an IP address change and facilitating peer communications before unilateral closes. The IRC meeting was cut a bit shorter than usual due to the US Holiday.

What is a BOLT?

The BOLT acronym stands for: Basis of Lightning Technology. A BOLT is a set of rules that define the Lightning specification that is most used today and referred to as the Lightning Network.

Why Start a Lightning Newsletter?

Welcome to the New Year! Today we’re announcing The Simple Lightning Newsletter.

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