Spec Meeting - 14.Feb.2022

This week there were no merged pull requests. Much of the discussion was focused on long term open pull requests.

We are exploring how to better communicate the updates to pull requests in the event that spec meetings are primarily, deeply technical and less eventful.

Open Pull Requests

  • #904 - Use a warning in quick close
    • Added helpful context in debug logs
  • #798 - Offers
    • Added Offers functionality for use with or without Blinded paths
  • #910 - Simple turbo channels enablement
    • Added “channel_ready message”- Zeroconf enables channel usage immediately prior to transaction confirmations onchain. Information in the “funding locked message” is not available yet: the short-channel-id is missing because it’s a reference to the funding tx onchain (doesn’t exist yet). By using an alias SCID until the funding transaction is confirmed, peers can switch over to using either the alias or the real SCID. Therefore, channel readiness is independent of the funding transaction confirmation.
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